Position your listing as the top result in your desired communities!

With our new booking process - Name the price you are willing to pay for your favorite CTS. 

All CTS purchases made in December 2023 will be valid for 3 months.

with AI-driven price guideline


On average 72% of assigned CTS went to named prices that were above the price guideline!

Use our AI-driven price guideline to help you improve your chances of securing your desired CTS.


A full week of opportunity to plan, review and reserve your preferred CTS. 

Booking window

From December 5th 2023

To December 11th 2023

CTS Assignment

December 13th 2023

Confirm CTS Purchase

December 13th 2023

Note: Next CTS slots will be available in the first week of January


What you need to know about the booking process

Take a note of the changes for a seamless experience

All CTS purchases made in November 2023 will be valid for 3 months (i.e January to March 2024).

CTS bookings are no longer available on PF Manager. All bookings are made using this page.

You can submit your preferred price for a community only once. Revisions will not be possible. 

The price guideline is meant to only inform your decision on naming a price. You are free to name a price that is higher or lower than the price guideline.

You can name your preferred price for a maximum of 10 community top spots

The named price that most closely matches the determined value of a top spot will be assigned the CTS.

You will have 24 hours after being assigned to make the payment and confirm your CTS purchase. 


Claim The Top Spot in 3 Easy Steps

Review Availability

Review available CTS options and shortlist your desired communities to name a price.


Name Your Price

Submit your price for each desired CTS. All submissions are final and cannot be revised.


Confirm Your Booking

You'll be notified by email if your submission matches the CTS value. Pay and confirm your purchase.

with AI-driven price guideline

Why purchasethe Community Top Spot

Get featured as the first listing in your preferred communities

Get your listings more visibility, opportunity, and prominence

Get featured on the website across devices and on the PF mobile app

Get featured  with CTS bookings made in December 2023 being available for 3 months (i.e January to March 2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The ‘Name your price’ button is not working for me. What should I do?

You will be able to submit your preferred prices only during the booking period starting 5th of December and ending on the 11th of December 2023. If the button does not work for you during this period, please contact your business consultant for assistance.

2. Can I submit a price after the campaign has ended?

No. Any price submissions received after the 11th of December 2023 will not be considered. You can try again when the next booking window opens or check with your business consultant for any unassigned CTS that may be available after the booking window closes. 

3. Is there a minimum required price value for reserving a CTS? What happens if my submitted price does not match the required value? 

Yes. Minimum prices are mentioned alongside each CTS availability. Any submitted price that does not match the minimum required value will not be considered or assigned a CTS.

For assistance or feedback - please reach out to your account manager or write to